Greenfield Tyre Handler Models

8 steps to choosing the safest tyre and hardware handler for your application.

1. Identify the largest diameter tyre in your fleet.

2. Identify the heaviest tyre or hardware in your fleet.

3. Consult the Tyre and Hardware Chart guide

4. Running chain? Add chain weight into total wheel weight.

5. Safety is vital, so make sure you have correct capacity.

6. Consider these important options:

    - Has the workshop 90 or 180 degrees pad rotation

    - Body rotation

    - Clearances around hydraulic and fuel tank

    - Manoeuvrability

    - Stacking height

    - Side shift.

7. Check the forklift has the rated capacity to handle your chosen attachment.

8. Finally, refer back to the Tyre and Hardware Chart to ensure you've made the safest choice.